Santa Cecilia 2016

My photos from the fantastic concert last night held in the Auditorium Francisco Grau, Bigastro.
KW5D1771 KW5D1890 KW5D1893 KW5D1894
KW5D1895 KW5D1897 KW5D1900 KW5D1903
KW5D1904 KW5D1907 KW5D1909 KW5D1912
KW5D1914 KW5D1915 KW5D1919 KW5D1920
KW5D1922 KW5D1925 KW5D1934 KW5D1942
KW5D1948 KW5D1950 KW5D1951 KW5D1953
KW5D1955 KW5D1958 KW5D1960 KW5D1961
KW5D1963 KW5D1964 KW5D1965 KW5D1967
KW5D1969 KW5D1970 KW5D1972 KW5D1976
KW5D1982 KW5D1983 KW5D1986 KW5D1987
KW5D1988 KW5D1990 KW5D1772 KW5D1773
KW5D1777 KW5D1779 KW5D1786 KW5D1788
KW5D1789 KW5D1795 KW5D1805 KW5D1807
KW5D1808 KW5D1812 KW5D1817 KW5D1819
KW5D1825 KW5D1829 KW5D1830 KW5D1833
KW5D1837 KW5D1839 KW5D1840 KW5D1841
KW5D1843 KW5D1845 KW5D1847 KW5D1848
KW5D1849 KW5D1853 KW5D1855 KW5D1857
KW5D1858 KW5D1859 KW5D1864 KW5D1865
KW5D1867 KW5D1868 KW5D1870 KW5D1872
KW5D1876 KW5D1877 KW5D1880 KW5D1882
KW5D1884 KW5D1885 KW5D1887 KW5D1888