Procession of the mantle

The mantle of the Virgin of Pilar from Zaragoza in Bigastro.
KW5D2913 KW5D2901 KW5D2903 KW5D2905
KW5D2907 KW5D2908 KW5D2909 KW5D2912
KW5D2914 KW5D2915 KW5D2919 KW5D2920
KW5D2922 KW5D2923 KW5D2924 KW5D2925
KW5D2926 KW5D2927 KW5D2928 KW5D2929
KW5D2930 KW5D2931 KW5D2932 KW5D2933
KW5D2934 KW5D2936 KW5D2937 KW5D2938
KW5D2940 KW5D2941 KW5D2942 KW5D2943
KW5D2944 KW5D2945 KW5D2946 KW5D2947
KW5D2948 KW5D2950 KW5D2951 KW5D2952
KW5D2953 KW5D2954 KW5D2955 KW5D2956
KW5D2957 KW5D2959 KW5D2961 KW5D2962
KW5D2965 KW5D2966 KW5D2967 KW5D2970