New Year Concert 2015

The Junior Band played their concert on the day of my birthday.
XT12987 XT12990 XT12991 XT12993
XT12994 XT12995 XT12996 XT12997
XT12998 XT12999 XT13002 XT13003
XT13004 XT13005 XT12912 XT12919
XT12920 XT12921 XT12923 XT12924
XT12926 XT12927 XT12928 XT12929
XT12930 XT12931 XT12933 XT12936
XT12938 XT12939 XT12940 XT12941
XT12945 XT12946 XT12948 XT12953
XT12955 XT12956 XT12966 XT12968
XT12969 XT12971 XT12973 XT12975
XT12977 XT12978 XT12981 XT12983
XT12985 XT12986