El dia del Padre 2015

The concert for Father's Day given by the Junior Band.
KW5D3368 KW5D3273 KW5D3277 KW5D3280
KW5D3282 KW5D3283 KW5D3284 KW5D3285
KW5D3286 KW5D3289 KW5D3290 KW5D3291
KW5D3292 KW5D3293 KW5D3295 KW5D3296
KW5D3297 KW5D3298 KW5D3302 KW5D3303
KW5D3304 KW5D3306 KW5D3307 KW5D3309
KW5D3310 KW5D3313 KW5D3314 KW5D3315
KW5D3316 KW5D3317 KW5D3318 KW5D3319
KW5D3323 KW5D3325 KW5D3326 KW5D3327
KW5D3330 KW5D3333 KW5D3334 KW5D3335
KW5D3338 KW5D3339 KW5D3341 KW5D3343
KW5D3344 KW5D3346 KW5D3347 KW5D3349
KW5D3350 KW5D3352 KW5D3353 KW5D3358
KW5D3359 KW5D3360 KW5D3363 KW5D3365