Doing the Lord's work.

Weeks of effort go into the preparations for Corpus Christi in Bigastro. In this album are the people praparing garlands to decorate the town square and work on the picture that will form the centrepiece of the carpet.
KW5D9575 KW5D9577 KW5D9580 KW5D9582
KW5D9583 KW5D9588 KW5D9589 KW5D9590
KW5D9595 KW5D9597 KW5D9600 KW5D9602
KW5D9606 KW5D9609 KW5D9610 KW5D9615
KW5D9619 KW5D9621 KW5D9623 KW5D9624
KW5D9629 KW5D9630 KW5D9632 KW5D9634
KW5D9636 KW5D9639 KW5D9645