Certamen 2016 2nd Section

All the hard work paid off when Bigastro band got 1st prize and an honourable mention in Alicante.
KW5D8406 KW5D8410 KW5D8412 KW5D8413
KW5D8415 KW5D8420 KW5D8421 KW5D8424
KW5D8425 KW5D8426 KW5D8427 KW5D8428
KW5D8430 KW5D8431 KW5D8433 KW5D8434
KW5D8438 KW5D8440 KW5D8441 KW5D8443
KW5D8445 KW5D8446 KW5D8448 KW5D8449
KW5D8450 KW5D8452 KW5D8454 KW5D8456
KW5D8457 KW5D8458 KW5D8460 KW5D8462
KW5D8463 KW5D8466 KW5D8467 KW5D8469
KW5D8472 KW5D8477 KW5D8478 KW5D8479
KW5D8483 KW5D8486 KW5D8488 KW5D8489
KW5D8490 KW5D8492 KW5D8495 KW5D8498
KW5D8499 KW5D8500 KW5D8503 KW5D8506
KW5D8508 KW5D8509 KW5D8513 KW5D8514
KW5D8518 KW5D8519 KW5D8520 KW5D8524
KW5D8526 KW5D8528 KW5D8530 KW5D8531
KW5D8535 KW5D8537 KW5D8538 KW5D8539
KW5D8540 KW5D8542 KW5D8543 KW5D8544
KW5D8546 KW5D8547 KW5D8549 KW5D8552
KW5D8553 KW5D8555 KW5D8557 KW5D8558
KW5D8560 KW5D8561 KW5D8563 KW5D8592
KW5D8597 KW5D8599 KW5D8602 KW5D8604
KW5D8605 KW5D8607 KW5D8608 KW5D8610
KW5D8611 KW5D8612